Kalashnikov to setup AK-47 weapon plant in Gujarat

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of AK-47 assault is planning to setup weapons plant in Ahmedabad in Gujarat and has moved a proposal in this regard to Indian government.

As per reports, Kalashnikov’s company, Kalashnikov Concern has sent a proposal to Industries department of Union government under new defence manufacturing policy.

Officials of the Kalashnikov Concern had reportedly met the Gujarat government officials to discuss the formalities for setting up AK-47 weapon plant in the state.

Kalashnikov Concern officials are likely to visit the state again in January 2015 during the Vibrant Gujarat Summit and are likely to finalise the deal for setting up AK-47 weapons plant.

Kalashnikov Concern’s proposal comes days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi started ‘Make In India’ campaign in which Russia has shown keen interest.

Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is likely to visit India on December 10, 11, 2014 and Putin is likely to show his interest in investing in various sectors as oil, gas and logistics.

Kalashnikov has started AK-47 production at its headquarters in Izhevsk in Russia in 1947 and the company had weapons manufacturing plants in 32 countries of the world.

AK-47 weapon (Image World.Guns.Ru)
AK-47 weapon (Image World.Guns.Ru)

AK-47 is used worldwide by security personnel as weapon of peace while it is a deadly weapon for for terrorists across the globe.