Inmates take seven prison guards hostage in latest Brazil prison mutiny

North Gazette News/Rio De Janeiro
Inmates of Maringa Jail took seven prison guards hostage on Monday afternoon in latest Brazil prison mutiny that started few months in jails across the country.

As per reports, some inmates of the southern Brazil jail in Parana took seven prison guards hostage and police authorities were reportedly negotiating with detainees to secure their release.

Brazil state justice officials reportedly said that one of the prison guards was released yesterday evening who had suffered minor injuries.

Brazil prison mutiny started in the afternoon at Maringa jail, second such mutiny in the last two months in the facility which holds 650 prisoners.

Media reports say that military police officials are negotiating with inmates for the release of six prison guards who are still being held hostage.

The prison guards have been reported held hostage in a wing of Maringa Jail that houses 120 prisoners. Maringa Jail had last witnessed such mutiny in October.

The incident was the latest in the series of Brazil prison mutinies that are taking place in prisons across the country that are full to the capacity, approximately holding 5.60 lakh prisoners.

Earlier in August 2014, Cascavel Jail in Parana had witnessed rioting for two days in which five inmates were killed, apart from heavy damage to jail property.