Indian IT executive behind ISIS’s twitter propaganda account: reports

North Gazette News/New Delhi
An Indian IT executive working with a multi-national company in Bengaluru, Karnataka, was allegedly operating the ISIS’s twitter propaganda account, ShamiWitness which is followed by foreign jihadis, UK based Chanel 4 claimed in a report.

As per reports, Channel 4’s investigation found that ShamiWitness twitter account was being operated out of Bengaluru in India’s Karnataka state and he is working as an executive with an multi-national company.

Channel 4 investigation claimed the man operating the account is called Mehdi but didn’t revealed his full identity as this might endanger his life if his identity is made public.

Channel 4 report claimed that Mehdi had expressed his wish of joining ISIS himself but couldn’t as his family is financially dependent on him.

‘If had a chance to leave everything and join them I might have.. My family needs me here’, Mehdi had reportedly tweeted on ShamiWitness twitter account.
But the account ShamiWitness had been closed by Mehdi, reportedly, after Channel 4 investigation team contacted him.

Thousands of tweets were allegedly sent ISIS’s twitter propaganda account, ShamiWitness by Mehdi on the Islamic State militant group that had reportedly 39 Indian workers in Iraq.

Mehdi was allegedly working as conduit for information ISIS between jihadis, supporters and recruits across the world and he had even retweeted videos of assassinations by Islamic State fighters of Syria and Iraq.

ISIS’s twitter propaganda account, ShamiWitness had over 17,000 followers and his tweets were seen by over 20 lakh in a month from Islamic State sympathizers across the globe.