Indian govt announces sops for organic farming

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Indian government Tuesday said that financial assistance or subsidy is being provided for horticulture crops including spices under schemes of Union Department of Agriculture and Cooperation for promotion of organic farming.

Indian government spokesperson said that subsidies are being provided under two schemes i.e. Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) and National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) for promotion of organic farming.

Under MIDH, financial assistance is provided for horticulture crops including spices as per details given below :-

For adoption of organic farming – 50% of cost limited to Rs.10000/- per ha. for a maximum area of 4 ha in three instalments.

For organic certification – Rs.5 lakhs for a cluster of 50 ha. in three installments.

For establishment of vermicompost units- 50% of the actual cost of Rs.1 lakh per unit for permanent structure i.e. Rs. 50000/- and 50% of the actual cost of Rs.16000/- per unit for high density poly ethylene vermibed i.e. Rs.8000/-.

Financial assistance is provided to the States as per their proposals in the Annual Action Plan under organic farming component.

Under NMSA, assistance is also extended for soil health management, agro vegetable waste compost production unit etc. The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development provides back ended subsidy for adoption of organic farming through cluster approach as well as through adoption of organic village under participatory guarantee system. Financial assistance to the tune of Rs.10 lakhs per village is provided for organic village adoption (maximum 10 villages per annum/state).

Spices Board under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is also promoting cultivation and export of organic spices from India with special emphasis on organic production of spices in North Eastern States.

Various development programmes are being implemented by Spices Board by providing financial assistance to growers and growers groups producing organic spices. 50% subsidy is extended for various programmes like support for vermicompost units, setting up of bio-agent production units, organic seed banks (production of organic planting materials/nurseries), organic value addition/processing unit, organic farm certification assistance.

12.5% of cost of production subject to the maximum of Rs.12500/- per ha. is provided for organic cultivation of spices like ginger, turmeric, chillies, seed spices and herbal spices.