Hyderabad techie accuses Facebook founder Mark Zuckeberg of stalking

North Gazette News/New Delhi
A Hyderabad based techies has allegedly accused Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg of stalking him and has sought police protection.

As per reports, Pradeep Kumar Manukonda has filed a petition in High Court seeking police protection on stalking by Zuckerberg and Facebook management.

Manukonda had accused Zuckerberg and Facebook management of stalking him, his girlfriend and his sister after he pointed out loopholes is social networking site’s cyber security.

Hyderabad techies alleged that he had revealed loopholes in popular social networking site’s security architecture during an interview for the cyber security analyst post in US.

He accused Facebook management of spreading rumours that he had connections with terrorist organization Al Qaeda.

Meanwhile, High Court Justice Vilas V Afzulpurkar has sought the Telangana Home department to place the facts in the case before court on December 30.