HPU announces revised datesheet for postponed exams

North Gazette News/ Shimla
Himachal Pradesh University Shimla ( HPU ) on Wednesday announced the new date sheet or revised date sheet for the postponed PG classes exams for different subjects.

HPU Controller of Examination Shyam Kaushal informed that
the revised date sheet is also available at www.hpuniv.in. While the date sheet of UG classes concerned will be notified soon.

Re-scheduled dates for Postgraduate Degree PG and Diploma Courses I/III/V/VIII/IX semesters regular and II/IV/VI/VIII/X semesters re-appear examinations which were earlier scheduled for 15th 16th and 17th December, 2014 and were postponed due to heavy rains and snowfall.

Re-scheduled dates for Postgraduate Degree and Diploma Courses I/III/V/VIII/IX semesters regular and II/IV/VI/VIII/X semesters re-appear examinations which were earlier scheduled for 15th 16th and 17th December, 2014 and were postponed due to heavy rains and snowfall.
Morning Session: Time 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon
Previous date of examination
Re-scheduled new date of Examination Subject Semester Course Title of the Course
15.12.2014 14.01.2015 M.B.A. 3rd/4th HRM -06 Labour Legislation (Common paper for 3rd and 4th semesters)
15.12.2014 a) 20.12.2014 M. Sc. Physics 2nd PHYMS- 204 b) Electrodynamics
15.12.2014 21.12.2014 M. Sc. Biotechnology 4th XV Bio-Business Management (O.S)
15.12.2014 26.12.2014 Master of Mass Communication (MMC) 1st IV Advertising and Public Relations
15.12.2014 20.12.2014 MBA (Rural Development)
2nd MBA(RD)-202 Development Administration and Panchayati Raj Institutions
15.12.2014 10.01.2015 MA/M.Sc. Mathematics 3rd M-302 Topology
15.12.2014 01.01.2015 M. A. History 3rd VIII (a History of India AD-750-1200
(b) Political History of India 1605-1707
(c) Post Independence History of India 1947-1977
15.12.2014 10.01.2015 M.A. Public Administration 3rd VIII Information Technology & Computer Applications in Public Administration (NS)
Administration of Public Enterprises in India (OS)
15.12.2014 31.12.2014 B.A. LL.B. (Hons) 2nd 204 Political Science – II

Evening Session: Time 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 noon
15.12.2014 20.12.2014 M.Sc. Chemistry 4th XVIII Special Theory-V (a) Inorganic (b) Organic (c) Physical
15.12.2014 30.12.2014 MCA 2nd MCA-201 Data Structure
15.12.2014 21.12.2014 M.T.A common with FYICTA 2nd/8th MTA-11 Destination Planning
15.12.2014 30.12.2014 FYICTA/BTA 5 years 6th BTA-26 Trade Related Issues and Frontier Formalities
15.12.2014 21.12.2014 M. A. Psychology 4th XX Organizational Change and Development
15.12.2014 31.12.2014 P.G.D.C.A. 1st DCS-101 Fundamentals of Programming Using- “C”
15.12.2014 20.12.2014 B. H.M. 1st BHM-106 Communication and Soft Skills
15.12.2014 22.12.2014 M. Sc. Geology 4th XXIV
XIX Environmental Geology (N.S.)
Geohydrogeology and Ground Water Geology (O.S.) Last Chance
15.12.2014 12.01.2015 M. Com. 3rd M.C.3.2 Corporate Legal Framework(NS)
Corporate Legal Environment (OS)
15.12.2014 31.12.2014 M. A. Sociology 3rd VIII Sociology of Development
15.12.2014 07.01.2015 M. A. Sanskrit 3rd X Sanskrit Bhasha Ki Sanrachna
15.12.2014 01.01.2015 LL.B. 4th XVI Law of Evidence
15.12.2014 31.12.2014 B.A. LL.B. (Hons) 1st LL.B. 104

104 Law of Torts, Motor Vehicles Act,1988 and Consumer Protection Act, 1986) *
Political Science-I
* mark indicate Choice Based Credit System (C.B.C.S.) New Syllabus introduced under R.U.S.A. paper/course.

Morning session: Time 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon
16.12.2014 15.01.2015 M.B.A. 3rd MM-02 Advertising Management
16.12.2014 21.12.2014 M. Sc. Physics 4th PHYMS- 404 b) Nuclear Technology OR
c) Opto. Electronics
16.12.2014 22.12.2014 M. Sc. Biotechnology 2nd MBT-203
VIII Plant Biotechnology (N.S.)
Plant Biotechnology (O.S.) Last Chance
16.12.2014 30.12.2014 M.M.C. 3rd XIV Corporate Communications
16.12.2014 21.12.2014 MBA.(Rural Development) 2nd MBA(RD)-203 Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development Programmes
16.12.2014 08.01.2015 M.A. Political Science 3rd X Regional Politics in India
16.12.2014 09.01.2015 M. A. Hindi 3rd X Anuvad Vigyan
16.12.2014 01.01.2015 B.A.LL.B. (Hons) 4th 404 Family Law-II
16.12.2014 21.12.2014 M. Sc. Microbiology 2nd 203
MMB – 203 Infection and Immunity (O.S.) (Last Chance)
Mycology and Phycology (N.S.)

Evening Session: Time 2.00 p.m.to 5.00 p.m.
16.12.2014 31.12.2014 M.C.A. 4th MCA-E-05 Distributed Data Base Management System
16.12.2014 22.12.2014 M.T.A.
common with FYICTA 2nd/8th MTA-12 Computer Applications in Tourism
16.12.2014 31.12.2014 FYICTA/ BTA 5 years 2nd BTA-07 Principles of Marketing (O.S.)

16.12.2014 22.12.2014 M.A. Psychology 4th XXV Stress, Emotions, Coping and Health
16.12.2014 01.01.2015 M.A.Business Economics 3rd IX Principles of Business Finance
16.12.2014 22.12.2014 B.H.M. 3rd BHM-306 Hospitality Sales and Marketing
16.12.2014 08.01.2015 M. A. English 3rd X Modern British and American Poetry
16.12.2014 01.01.2015 M.A. Economics 3rd VIII History of Economic Thought
16.12.2014 02.01.2015 LL.B. 6th XXV Land Laws including ceiling and other local Laws
16.12.2014 01.01.2015 B.A. LL.B. (Hons) 3rd LL.B. 204
304 Law of Contract-I *
Constitutional Law-I
* mark indicate Choice Based Credit System (C.B.C.S.) New Syllabus introduced under R.U.S.A. paper/course.
Morning session: Time 9.00 a.m.to 12.00 noon
17.12.2014 16.01.2015 MBA 3rd PTM-03 Total Quality Management*
* PTM-03 paper will be held only at Shimla examination centre.
17.12.2014 22.12.2014 M.Sc. Physics 2nd PHYMS- 206 Computer application in Physics-II
(Addl./Optl. Paper)
17.12.2014 23.12.2014 M. Sc. Biotechnology 4th XVI i) i) Biocatalysis & Bio-Transformation O.S.
ii) Food Biotechnology O.S.
iii) Matabolic Engineering O.S.
iv) Nano Bio-Technology O.S.
17.12.2014 31.12.2014 M.M.C. 2nd VI Communication Research
17.12.2014 22.12.2014 MBA.(Rural Development) 2nd MBA(RD)-204 Rural Marketing Management
17.12.2014 12.01.2015 M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics 1st M-103 Ordinary Differential Equations
17.12.2014 02.01.2015 M.A. History 1st III (a) Ancient Indian Archeology
(b) Political History of India 1206-1526
(c) Political History of India 1707-1856
17.12.2014 12.01.2015 M.A. Public Administration 1st III Research Methods (NS)
Research Methods in Public Administration (OS) Last Chance
17.12.2014 02.01.2015 B.A. LL.B. (Hons) 6th 604 Law of Evidence

Evening session: Time 2.00 p.m.to 5.00 p.m.
17.12.2014 01.01.2015 M.C.A. 2nd MCA-202 Computer System Architecture
17.12.2014 23.12.2014 M.T.A. common with FYICTA 2nd/8th MTA-13 Airlines Ticketing and Cargo Management
17.12.2014 01.01.2015 FYICTA/BTA 5 years 4th BTA-17 Elementary Financial Management and Accounting
17.12.2014 01.01.2015 PGDCA 1st DCS-102 PC Software
17.12.2014 23.12.2014 B.H.M. 5th BHM-506 Hotel Accountancy
17.12.2014 13.01.2015 M. Com 1st M.C.1.3 Managerial Economics (NS)
Managerial Economics (OS) Last Chance
17.12.2014 01.01.2015 M.A. Sociology 1st III Social Stratification and Change
17.12.2014 08.01.2015 M.A. Sanskrit 1st III Nayaya Vaisisika
17.12.2014 03.01.2015 LL.B. 2nd VII Administrative Law
17.12.2014 02.01.2015 B.A. LL.B. (Hons) 5th 504 Law of Crimes-II

Note: The examination centres for PG regular examination which are going to be closed earlier will remain open for above re-scheduled conduct of examination.