Hong Kong’s Scholarism group students go on hunger strike for free elections

North Gazette News/Hong Kong
Joshua Wong and two other leaders of Hong Kong’s Scholarism Group on Monday announced to start hunger strike to force government to conduct free elections.

As per reports, Joshua Wing and two other female students lo Yin-wai and Wong Tsz-yuet announced the hunger strike on stage at Hong Kong’s main Admiralty protest site.

In a Facebook declaration, the students said, ‘Living in these troubled times, there is a duty. Today we are willing to pay the price, we are willing to take the responsibility. Our future, we will take it back’.

The students reportedly said that they were fasting in a bid to force Hong Kong government to conduct free elections in the semi autonomous Chinese city and they would only drink water during strike.

The Scholarism group students called on urged the Hong Kong restart negotiations with students and urged and Chinese government to withdraw its decision to vet candidates for leadership of the city.

The Scholarism group students have launched ‘Umbrella Movement’ in Hong Kong in support of their demand of full democracy.

In the last 24 hours, Hong Kong has reportedly witnessed worst violence in the protests as police used pepper spray and baton to thwart students’ attempt to occupy government headquarters.