Himachal High Court reserves judgement in Virbhadra Singh CD case

Shimla. Dec. 29, 2014
The High Court of H.P. today reserved the judgment on the petition filed by SM Katwal against the orders of acquittal of Virbhadra Singh and Pratibha Singh of the Special Judge (Forests), Shimla in C.D. Case.
High Court Justice Dharam Chand Chaudhary today heard arguments on the petition of S.M. Katwal for condonation of delay of 96 days in filing appeal alongwith main petition###.

SM Katwal has filed an appeal in the High Court challenging the orders dated December 24, 2012 of the Special Judge (Forests), Shimla in a corruption case involving an audio C.D. allegedly containing the conversation of Virbhadra Singh and Pratibha Singh with an IAS Officer Mohinder Lal (now deceased) for obtaining pecuniary advantages from two companies.
The applicant has alleged that the State government has not filed appeal against the orders as it is headed by Virbhadra Singh himself, who was an accused in the case. The applicant has also claimed that he is the ‘victim’ and de-facto Complainant in the case as he had first filed petition in the High Court seeking directions for conducting CBI enquiry into the case and the applicant is a whistle blower, who had initiated the legal proceedings culminating in the registration of the criminal case.