Govt to take strict action in Taradevi tree felling case: CM

North Gazette News/Dharamshala
Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on Friday said strict action would be taken against the accused involved in massive tree felling at Taradevi near Shimla.

Speaking to media after assembly session at Dharamshala, Singh said that the government had already stringent action against the Guard, Deputy Ranger, Ranger and Divisional Forest officer (DFO) by placing them under suspension.

“Apart from Taradevi case, another case of tree felling has been reported near ‘Macchi Wali Kothi’ in Shimla which is also being investigated and culprits would soon be put behind bars,” the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister said that he had devoted his life to protection of environment since he was sent to the state against his wishes by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as a Chief Minister to launch a crusade against the ‘Van Mafia’ prevalent in the state then.

“Besides conservation of forests, it is the moral duty of all of us to protect the wild life and animals too,” he said.

Asserting that culprits would soon be put behind bars, Singh added that the state government has such strict forest laws that not even a private person can cut a branch of tree though standing on his private land.