Effective personalised cancer treatment to be reality soon

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Getting personalised treatment for effective cure of cancer can become reality soon with Indian origin scientists at University of Michigan inventing a new way to grow tumour cells in lab to make more informative decisions in patients’ treatment.

As per reports, the new technique which is three times more effective than previous method, follows a quick, non-invasive blood biopsy instead of tissue biopsies which are being currently used by the doctors across the world.

The University of Michigan scientists have developed the new capture and culture method to detect numbers of circulating tumours cells even in patients detected with early stage cancer.

So far, the scientists have grown new tumour cells from 73 percent patients, a first for early stage cancer patients and three more success rate than previous techniques.

The new technology could prove a game changer in cancer treatment across the world as it could help doctors in studying each patient’s cancer much earlier and frequently.

Further, the tumour cells produced in lab capture valuable genetic info that could help in taking personalized and more informed treatment decisions, even tailor made treatment for a cancer patient.

The new technique called capture and culture, detects cancer cells after a patient’s blood sample is pumped through a microfluidic chip device.

The technique studies the circulation of tumour cells that shed by cancerous tumours and spread in the body through blood in patient’s body.

The circulation of tumour cells in patient’s body through blood cause metastasis that reportedly causes 90 percent cancer deaths across the globe.