Chinese University bans Christmas celebrations, terms it kitsch

North Gazette News/Beijing
A Chinese University has banned Christmas celebrations by its students, terming it kitsch foreign celebrations that unbefitting to country’s traditions and has instead ordered them to watch propaganda films.

As per reports, China’s Modern College of Northwest University in Xian has banned Christmas celebrations by students on campus.

The Chinese University has reportedly put up banners urging students to ‘Strive to be outstanding sons and daughters of China, oppose Kitsch Western Holidays and resist expansion of Western Culture in China.

Chinese University had reportedly directed its students to attend screening of propaganda films including one on Confucius with teachers standing guard to ensure that students do not leave campus.

China’s Beijing New reported that the University on its microblogging site asked students to fawn on foreigners and take more interest in Chinese festivals Spring Festival.

The Chinese University observed that it has been observed that students were attaching more importance to Western festivals as they think that West is more developed than China.

‘They think that Western holidays are more elegant than our, that the Western holidays are fashionable and the China’s traditional holidays as old fashioned’, the University said on its site.

It is pertinent to mention here that Christmas is not an official holiday in Atheist China but the festival is gaining popularity among metropolitan people, causing discomfort to traditional ruling party, Communist Party.