China's Dalian Wanda to compete with Disneyland, open theme parks in US

North Gazette News/Beijing
China’s reality major group, Dalian Wanda group is eyeing competition with Disneyland parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong and open theme parks in US in near future.

As per reports, Dalian Wanda group is exploring investment opportunities overseas and plans enter into reality sector in US, Australia, Britain and Spain.

Wang Jianlin, the real estate tycoon of China and president and founder of Dalian Wanda, said that his group is eyeing competition with Disneyland and is planning to open theme park in US.

Jianlin said that the growth in China’s reality sector is coming to an end which is the reason that Dalian Wanda group is looking for more growth opportunities overseas.

China’s reality tycoon also revealed plans to enter into new sectors from next year and said that Dalian Wanda group would enter into businesses like culture, tourism, finance and e-commerce for additional revenues.

Dalian Wanda has already announced its cultural tourism city program to construct buildings for tourism, entertainment, shopping and other purposes in various cities of China.

Jianlin said that his cultural tourism city would compete with Disneyland theme park parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong in terms of revenue and visitors and may enter into business of construction of theme parks in US.