China to bring new laws to curb terrorism, air pollution

North Gazette News/Beijing
China plans bring in new laws to curb terrorism in view of recent terror incidents and check air pollution levels by revising current law to introduce heavier penalties.

As per reports, China has introduced new law on national security in the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress (NPC) while the Committee is mulling to bring in tougher law to curb air pollution.

The Director of the Commission for Legislative Affairs of NPC Standing Committee Li Shishi while tabling the draft bill on Monday said that it was necessary to bring in new national security law in view contemporary situation in the country.

China’s has recently witnessed spurt in knife attacks in Muslim dominated Xinjiang province by al-Qaeda backed outfit East Turkistan Islamic Movement.

Reports suggest that NPC Standing Committee is considering a new tougher law that proposes a fine of 1 million yuan (162,000 dollars) on companies emitting pollution in excess of prescribed limits.

China’s current law to curb air pollution in rapid industrialisation in the country that had left many cities engulfed in smog almost every year.

The new law would put in place new stricter laws for vehicles, coal factories and other heavy polluting manufacturing units.

A study by green group last month had claimed that Coal industry alone had killed 270,000 people in the country in 2012.