BJP flogging dead horse Vadra-DLF land deals to cover own misdeeds: Kiran Choudhry

North Gazette News/ Chandigarh

Leader of the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) Kiran Choudhry has said that the BJP is flogging the dead horse of the Vadra-DLF land deals case just to cover up its own misdoings and mistakes and divert people’s attention from issues that expose its failures on many a front.

In a statement issued here today, the former minister said, “The Vadra land deals case is a non-issue which the BJP has been raking up time and again but has failed to prove anything wrong. In fact, this is being done by the Haryana Government just to divert the attention of the people from its own failures. It is nothing more than a ploy resorted to at a time when the farmers in the state are up in arms against the government for its total failure to arrange for urea,” she said.

She said the fact of the Vadra files going missing and the Chief Minister asking the Chief Secretary to look into the matter, identify and punish the guilty, underscores the failure of the Khattar Government to keep own records in safe custody. “How can a government which cannot protect its own records, ensure the safety and security of the people? It shows the inadequacy and total incompetence of the state government,” she remarked.

“Such diversionary tactics of the Khattar Government won’t serve the purpose. People have already started talking about the incompetence of the BJP government. They have begun to realise that they have made the wrong choice at the hustings”, Ms Choudhry added.

BJP rakes up this matter time and again whenever any state goes to polls. “Since Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand were going to polls today, it once again tried to take political mileage out of this non-issue,” the CLP leader remarked.