Bird flu scare in Shimla after 300 broilers supplied from Haryana found dead

North Gazette News/Shimla
Around 300 broilers were found dead in the supplies that came to Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) run slaughter-house from Haryana on Thursday, raising Bird flu scare in Shimla.

As per reports, SMC has held back the sales of the remaining lot of 2700 broilers following the recovery. However, experts said the broilers might have died due to winter stress.

The Corporation has also took 17 samples of different kinds of live and dead broilers and sent them to Animal Husbandry department to get them checked (in Jallandhar lab) in view of the bird flu cases in Chandigarh. The report is likely to come in three to four days time.

The Veterinary Public Health Officer (VPHO) with SMC, Dr Arun Sarkaik said normally, the broilers die of winter stress. It happens in routine in winters and 50-100 broilers die.

“In festival days, the supplies are more, so more birds die, sometimes due to overcrowding also. But since bird flu cases have been reported in Chandigarh, we have taken samples and sent them for checking,” Sarkaik said.

He said the entire stock has been held back for sales as a precautionary measure.

It is pertinent to mention that while there is proper check and inspection of the supplies coming to the SMC run slaughter house in Shimla, the unethical slaughtering of broilers and chicken in shops adjoining Shimla is a risk factor in the event of bird flu cases in Chandigarh. Shimla gets supply of broilers and chicken from Haryana and Punjab.