Bihar woman commits 'Sati' on husband's funeral pyre

North Gazette News/New Delhi
The memories of century old custom of ‘Sati’ came to haunt the country after a 65-year-old woman committed Sati on the funeral pyre of her husband in Saharsa district of India’s Bihar state.

As per reports, Gahwa Devi jumped on the funeral pyre of husband Ram Charan Mandal (70) when her relatives had returned home after consigning the mortal remains of Mandal on fire.

“Mandal’s relatives anf villagers had returned home after performing the last rites. in meantime, Gahwa Devi quitely left her house and committed Sati,” said a resident of Parmania village in Saharsa district.

The news of Gahwa Devi committing Sati spread like a wildfire in the village but by the time, they reached the spot, she had already suffered 90 percent burn injuries.

As her relatives and villagers doused the flames and tried to rush her to nearby hospital, she had already succumbed to her burn injuries, an eyewitness claimed.

Later, she was cremated by her relatives on theburning funeral pyre of her husband.

Locals claimed that Gahwa Devi used to tell them that she would commit Sati if her husband died before death, and that’s what she really did.

The custom of Sati was practiced in India after 18th century but the practice was banned by Britishers after a movement in this regard and in this custom, a widow was cremated alive in the funeral pyre of her husband.