Aussie police arrests mother for eight children’s death in Cairns

North Gazette News/Cairns
Australian police on Saturday arrested Mersane Warria, the mother of eight children who found stabbed to death, for murdering the children at their home in Manoora in Cairns city.

As per reports, police authorities have put Warria under arrested who is presently undergoing treatment at Cairns Base Hospital for stab wounds. However, police didn’t confirm whether the stab wounds of Warria were self-inflicted or not.

Police authorities said that they are not looking for another suspect in the brutal murders of the children, who were in age group of 18 month old to 18 years old.

Police have reportedly recovered a number of murder weapons including knives from the house, though authorities didn’t confirmed whether all the children were stabbed to death.

Media reports claimed that the neighbours heard a woman shouted as saying, ‘Don’t let them take away from us. God bless us. Forgive me for what I’ll do’.

Police authorities, meanwhile said that Warria was helping them in their queries about murders and her condition is said to be stable. Though Warria has been formally put under arrest in the hospital but no charges have been leveled against her.

Warria is reportedly mother of seven children and aunt of eighth child who had been stabbed to death.

The murders were reported to police by Warria’s 20-year-old son on Friday morning after he found his siblings stabbed to death at their residence in Manoora in Cairns city.