#Air Asia flight QZ8501 debris, 40 passengers' bodies found, reports

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Indonesia on Tuesday confirmed that #Air Asia flight QZ8501 debris and bodies of 40 passengers have been found near Island of Borneo, around 160 kms southwest of Pangkalan Bun.

Indonesia’s Director General of Civil Aviation Djoko Murjatmodjo confirmed that objects like passenger door and cargo door have been found near Pangkalan Bun that belonged to #Air Asia flight QZ8501.

Indonesian rescue officials said that they had spotted several bodies floating water from helicopters in sea water where #Air Asia flight QZ8501 had lost contact with ATC.

The swollen bodies of 40 passengers have been brought on Navy ships by rescue workers. “The bodies were intact but without any life jackets which suggests that flight crew didn’t have much time to respond to crisis before the crash,” said an Indonesian rescue official.

Indonesia had engaged 15 ships and 30 aircrafts to search the area from where the Air Asia QZ8501 flight had lost contact with ATC.

Earlier on Monday, Australian planes had spotted some objects, suspected to be of #Air Asia QZ8501 flight in Java sea near East Belitung.

Reports had claimed that the Indonesian officials are trying to confirm the same and search and rescue operation were on locate #Air Asia flight QZ8501 debris.

The Air Asia Airbus 320 has reportedly taken a different route after taking off from Surabaya in Indonesia and it was reportedly flying over an area, experiencing heavy thunderstorms.

#Air Asia flight QZ8501 had lost contact with Air Traffic Controller 42 minutes after taking off from Indonesia to Singapore. There was 162 persons on board including 7 crew personnel and 155 persons were Indonesian national while three were from South Korea and one each from UK, France, Malaysia and Singapore.

Indonesian government had said that no distress signal was received from pilot. Malaysian PM had issued in a statement issued said that it was ready to provide assistance to Indonesia.

Malaysia-based AirAsia has tweeted that search and rescue operations are under way.

AirAsia has set up an emergency line for family or friends of those who may be on board and they can call on phone number +622 129 850 801 for info on missing flight.