There should be no pick and choose in preparing BPL lists:CM

North Gazette News/Shimla
Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on Saturday that Himachal government would try to include the names of the persons living in poorest of poor conditions were incorporated in the Below Poverty Line (BPL) list and there would be no pick and choose on political whims and fancies.

Singh said that it has been observed that there were well-off families

who were enjoying the facilities which were meant for the BPL people and were incorporated in the BPL list which should be checked upon and interrogated.

Singh said the BPL list should be as per the actual status of the person concerned and it should be ensured in the Gram Sabha meetings that undue advantage was not given to the cronies of the political functionaries at grass root level.

He said BDOs and other revenue officers should look into such malpractices and bring such cases to the notice of the government.
Chief Minister said there were many schemes for the rural poor and it had also been brought to his notice that in few cases the funds were distributed as per will of the elected representatives, hence the funds do not reach the needy.

He said that the onus lies upon the revenue officials to ensure justice to the people and if any such cases come to the notice the same may be reported adding that initiative should come from the block level, from the BDOs, Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars.

“Sanitation awareness has become more relevant in the present era and not only we should concentrate on our town and cities but the remote areas and the farthest corner of the State should join the sanitation drive” said the Chief Minister, adding that every household in rural areas and villages, every educational institution of the State should have toilets.

The concept of cleanliness has not emerged all of a sudden but was propagated by Mahatama Gandhi and urged the BDOs to lay special emphasis on the sanitation programs. “I want to see that Himachal Pradesh becomes the first State in India to achieve the targets under sanitation program,” he added.

The Chief Minister said that Community Development model has been envisaged as a point of convergence of different programs for holistic development of rural areas. Rather the concept has revolutionized the development of rural India he said, adding that by changing the face of rural areas, we can ensure a better future for the state and the nation as a whole.

He said that Panchayati Raj Institutions at various levels were being involved in the planning and execution of poverty alleviation and employment generation programs so that it could be ensured that the benefits under these programs reach to the beneficiaries.

He said that reputation of Himachal Pradesh as a development oriented state and as a model of hill development owes in a large measure to the contributions made by the revenue officers.

Anil Sharma, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Minister supported the cause of the BDOs whom he described as the backbone of development at lowest ebb right from village level.

There were many schemes which are given shape and are accomplished by these officers, he said. As the name itself suggests, Rural Development Department, 103 percent achievements was made under MNREGA. Though the funds being released from Government of India were not enough, yet ‘I assure that the speed of development will be maintained at all costs’ added Sharma.

I D Lakhanpal, Chief Parliamentary Secretary appreciated the role of BDOs in developing the rural Himachal and coming out with many other works pertaining to welfare of the rural masses. He said that the Revenue Officers at Block level had an important role to play in implementation of the policies and programs despite challenges.