Supreme Court removes CBI chief from inquiry into India’s biggest scandal

North Gazette News/ New Delhi
The Supreme Court of India on Thursday removed the top man of India’s investigation agency CBI, Ranjit Sinha from the probe into one of India’s largest scam.

Sinha has been accused by the prominent lawyer and AAP leader Prashant Bhushan of trying to protect some of the telecom executives that his agency has charged with criminal conspiracy.

Bhushan, in the month of September had submitted a diary of visitors to the CBI chief’s home as an evidence. Supreme Court ruled that there is “credible” information that CBI director Ranjit Sinha was trying to influence own agency’s inquiry on the telecom scandal.

Sinha in his defence said that he had met with people who wanted to explain their defense and also denied any wrongdoing or attempt at subterfuge, a posit that has been forcefully rejected by the Supreme Court today. He said that his residence was also being used as his office.