New York snowstorm leaves five dead, emergency declared

North Gazette News/ New York
At least five people have been reportedly killed after the various parts of western New York were buried under heavy snow.
As per latest reports most of the deaths were reported due to road accidents.

The driving ban was forced in the various areas of New York which were covered in up to six feet of snow leaving many people stranded. The arctic storm is expected to get worse tomorrow, has plunged nearly half of the US into temperatures well below freezing.

Various parts of western New York received around 60 inches (1.5m) of snow, with more expected to fall over today and tomorrow, said Steven Welch of the National Weather Service near Buffalo.

It is worth mentioning that Arctic blast has swept across North America this week, causing record cold and heavy snow in the region.Millions of Americans woken up to sub-zero temperatures on Tuesday morning.

The US National Weather Service has reported that half of the country is covered in snow, which is exceptional for so early in the season. The Great Lakes region has been particularly hard hit. Areas around the city of Buffalo, in New York state, are forecast to see as much as 3ft of snow over the coming days. The bitterly cold weather is forecast to continue for the next couple of days, but it should turn milder across much of the US by the weekend.