Hong Kong’s pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong banned from Mong Kok

North Gazette News/Beijing
Hong Kong’s pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong was on Thursday banned from entering protest site, Mong Kok as a pre-condition for his bail.

As per reports, Joshua Wong was arrested by police on Wednesday after scuffle with police while the authorities cleared the largest protest site of pro-democracy supporters.

Mong Kok’s protest site had choked the city traffic for weeks after the protests started in favour of open nominations for new Chief of Hong Kong in elections, scheduled to be held in 2017.

It is pertinent to mention here that Chinese authorities select candidates through a panel that is backed by Beijing. However in August, Chinese government had said that it would allow voting for the selection of new chief but only among pre-screened candidates.

Joshua along with Leung, Lester Shum and other pro-democracy protestors were arrested and were booked on charges of obstructing court bailiffs from performing their duty.

Joshua Wong and other activists are due to appear in the court on January 14, 2015.

A former British Colony, Hong Kong came under China’s rule in 1997 after the end of 99-year lease. China’s Communist Party had proposed ‘one country, two systems’ formula for Hong Kong which it some autonomy from Chinese rule along with promise of universal suffrage.