BJP would never sever ties with SAD: Badal

Kapurthala/November 6 (NG News)
Amid reports of BJP parting ways with SAD in Punjab, Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal on Thursday said that BJP would never severe ties with its oldest ally.

Badal said that the SAD-BJP alliance is in the interest of nation as well as the state


“There is hardly any issue of confrontation between both the parties as the alliance partners are having an inbuilt mechanism of solving all the issues amicably,” Badal said.

He said that ever since the coalition, the BJP has been a part and parcel of the state government and each and every decision has been taken by both the parties with mutual understanding.

Badal said that the BJP leadership was well aware of the fact that the SAD was their time-tested ally so there was hardly any question of parting away with each other. “Our alliance with BJP was time-tested, so I request the leaders of both the parties to refrain from issuing statements against each other,” he added.

The Chief Minister said that since there was no issue of disagreement between both the alliance partners so all the rumors regarding the tug of war between both the alliance partners were highly misleading and was merely a creation of media.

He said that all was well between both the coalition partners and nothing has happened all of the sudden which could result in severing of ties between both the parties. “We have always solved every issue amicably and in future also all the matters will be sorted out in a smooth manner,” Badal added.

Recalling the glorious tradition of SAD, the Chief Minister said that it was the oldest political party of the country which has made several sacrifices in the national freedom struggle and even in safeguarding democracy in the post independence era. He said that the SAD had produced a galaxy of leaders who had made every sacrifice for the sake of the party and the state.

Badal said that even today the SAD was playing a vanguard role in the political scenario of the country.
The Chief Minister further said that the prime issue before the SAD was to preserve the communal harmony, peace and brotherhood in the state, for which every effort was being made by them.

He said that the SAD was committed for safeguarding the interests of the state and no compromise would be made in this regard. “Throughout my life I have struggled for safeguarding the interests of Punjab and I will continue this duty till my last breath,” he added.