Punjab CM bats for Swaminathan Formula, seeks upward revision of MSP

Chandigarh/October 30 (NG News)
Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today asked the Government of India to upwardly revise the Minimum Support Price for wheat for the forthcoming season.

Badal advocated the need for adopting and implementing aggressively pro-agriculture and pro-farmer policies to offset the negative effects of the agrarian crisis brought upon the economy in general and farmers in particular farmers now gripping the country.

Badal also said that the Dr Swaminthan formula for fixing the MSP should be implemented. According to this formula, farmers should get an MSP which should cover production costs plus 50 percent of these costs to be paid to the farmer.

The Chief Minister said that he saw hope in the approach , philosophy and administrative response of the present government to the needs of the poor and the farmers, Badal further said that considering market realities and the overall prince index in the country, a wheat price o Rs 1450 could not even cover the expenses incurred by the farmers. The MSP thus must be hiked to the level where the mis-match between input costs of agriculture produce and MSP announced for these was removed.

Badal said that announcement of MSP should be made well before the start of the sowing seas so that farmers could decide which crops he should sow. He said that at present there was a serious disconnect between the needs of the farmers on the one hand and priorities of governments on the others.

This disconnect, which has lasted nearly seven decades since independence must be ended. These costs said Badal, had been going up despite the NDA government’s success in bridling the rate of inflation. He said that the new government at the centre had to battle the legacy of the anti-farmer and anti poor policies of the UPA. “That makes it all the more necessary for the NDA government to undo the crippling effects of the UPA legacy and adopt and aggressively pro-agriculture and pro-farming policy. Hiking the MSP beyond the Rs 50 per quintal would be the first step in that direction.