New AIIMS reports claims Sunanda Pushkar died of poisoning, re-investigation likely

New Delhi/October 10 (NG News)
In a fresh twist to the mysterious death of former Union minister Shashi Tharoor’s wife, new autopsy report of AIIMS doctors claimed that Sunanda Pushkar had died of poisoning.

As per reports, Delhi police have been asked to re-investigate case after the findings pointed out towards poisoning as the reason of her death and stated that Alprax tablets residue found in her viscera were non-fatal.

The autopsy report was prepared by the a panel of three doctors of AIIMS on the basis of Central Forensic Science Laboratory which had examined Sunanda’s viscera and concluded that she had died of poisoning.

The team had submitted the report to Delhi police on September and concluded that Sunanda’s heart liver and kidneys were working properly before her death.

Earlier in March too, the team had pointed out towards poisoning as the reason of her death but the police had termed the report as inconclusive.

Sunanda Pushkar was found dead in Delhi’s five-star hotel on January 17, a day after her spat with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar over her alleged affair with Shashi Tharoor.