Indian govt launches Android App for instant travel planning

Shimla/October 27 (NG News)
Indian Tourism ministry on Monday launched Android App of India’s official trip planning and destination discovery for instant travel planning and app creates personalized itineraries matching user preferences.

Tourism ministry Secretary Parvez Dewan said that the Android App offers travelers a unique planning experience, and travelling to and within India will be at the tourists’ fingertips.

“The price sensitivity feature offered in the software will help people to plan holidays as per their budget,” Dewan said.

He said that is the first and only instant travel planning engine which creates personalized itineraries matching user preferences and the app has integrated maps and geo-location based discovery of details which further improves travelers’ in-destination experience.

“Being a first of its kind personalized traveler planning engine, instantly generates personalized travel itinerary on fewer inputs and significantly reduces user’s effort by replacing 10 tabs to 1 tab,” he said, adding that the website is already an official travel planner of Ministry of Tourism and is available on Incredible India’s website.

He said that Tripigator helps both domestic and international travelers in planning their trips seamlessly by asking basic inputs such as timeline, budget, areas of interest and destinations of choice.

The technology creates a range of travel itineraries in no time and ranks them as per users’ experience.

It not only creates personalized itineraries, but also helps users to share them with their travel companions, enabling greater collaboration in travel planning process.

The app can be downloaded from: