HP to constitute Gauvansh Samvardhan Board to protect stray cows

Shimla/October 24 (NG News)
Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh has announced to constitute ‘Gauvansh Samvhardan Board’ for protection of cows and other stray cattle besides providing shelter to stray cattle.

Singh said that it was unfortunate that the people abandon cows and oxen on the roads where they were the cause of mishap and at times attack the passer-by. “The government would also involve the private parties and NGOs in this noble cause,” Singh said.

He appealed to the people not to abandon the cattle after milching them and using them for ploughing and other domestic purpose. “The state government would open shelter homes for such stray cattle all over the state in phased manner so that they could be properly fed and do not create peril on the roads and the streets,” the Chief Minister said.

“I don’t want to see a single cow or similar stray cattle on the roads,” he said, a
adding that for the stray dogs in the town, the government would open dog homes in the suburbs of the Shimla town.

He said that several cases had been reported of dog bites in the town and the pedestrians were the most affected. “The government would ensure that the stray dogs are caught and kept in shelter home. Besides, the services of veterinary doctors would also be provided and proper inoculation of the dogs would be done,” he added.