Glaciers can bring havoc in Himachal: Environment Scientists

Shimla/October 30 (NG News)
The lakes formed after the melting of glaciers can bring havoc in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh. As many as 595 new lakes have been formed in the different river basins of Himachal Pradesh due to the fast melting glaciers.

Many of the renowned environment scientists expressed these views in the national seminar on environment change and global warming held in Shimla on Thursday. Satluj river basin has the presence of highest number of lakes (391), followed by Chenab river basin (116).

A decade back, the number of these lakes was less than 55. The fast increasing trend of number of lakes in past few years in the hill state is major issue of worry and there is need of regular monitoring of these lakes. This date has been compiled after the satellite study conducted by various government agencies.

“As many of the human settlements, towns are located on the banks of these rivers, so there is greater possibility of loss. The same tragedy had happened in Uttrakhand few years back,” environment scientists opined.

According to the different studies glaciers in Himachal are receding very fast due to the climate changes. Over 449 square kilometre of glacial area in Himachal have been disappeared in the period from 1962 to 2001.

The overall reduction in glacier area from 2077 square kilometres to 1628 square kilometres from 1962, shows decrease of 21 percent of total glacier area.