Two drowning opportunists clutching at each other to ensure both sink: SAD

Chandigarh/March 11

Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) on Wednesday described the Congress-Manpreet Singh Badal poll alliance as ‘an act of two drowning opportunists clutching at each other to save their lives but actually ensuring that neither will survive. Each will sink with the dead weight of the other now’.
Dismissing the alliance as a political non-event, SAD General Secretary Harcharan Bains said that both the signatories have already been reduced to minor sideshows on the state’s political landscape. It was like adding zero to minus ten, said Bains.
Bains said that the alliance between a rag-tag Congress and what was left of the PPP would suit the SAD-BJP hands down, as each of the partners in this alliance was enough to destroy the other. Besides, people are certain to teach a lesson to such unprincipled politics.
“The alliance is born in sin. By joining hands with the Congress, Manpreet Singh has proved that all that tall talk of value-based politics, honesty, simplicity and a determination to change the system was just a sham to befool the people. He had dramatically held the soil of Shaheed’s village in his fist at historic Samadhi at Khatkar Kalaan in March 2011 and declared that he would never join hands with the corrupt Congress party. That people had seen through the hypocrisy and were not be-fooled anyway was proved by the results of the Vidhan Sabha elections in which Punjabis re-wrote history by giving SAD-BJP a back to back stint in office for the first time in history,” Bains added.
He said that but with this, Manpreet’s cycle of betrayals has come full circle. He first betrayed his party and his beloved leader and mentor to whom he owed his political existence.