Sukhbir Dares Congress To Exhibit UPA's Real Report Card

Sunam/March 29
Shiromani Akali Dal President and Deputy Chief Minister Punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal today dared Congress party to exhibit the actual report card of UPA governments based on the impact of its mismanagement and corrupt policies on the socio-economic health of the nation.
Addressing a packed rally in favour of SAD-BJP candidate Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, Badal said that after decade long rule Congress should have presented its actual report card depicting the increase in the level of inflation, corruption and unemployment in the country during last ten years rather than issuing deceitful manifesto.
Badal said that during UPA rule privatisation was accompanied by scams like CWG, 2G, Coalgate and many more, as congress leaders and their coterie received kickbacks from the corporates they favoured. In other cases, even if there were no kickbacks, lack of adequate regulation allowed corporates to make windfall profits, he added.
Lashing at Congress party for manifold increase in the level of inequality,Badal said that due to mismanaged and corrupt policies of Congress party a few capitalists became dollar billionaires, joining the global rich, 10 percent of the population became a prosperous middle class, but vast majority was reeling between inflation and unemployment.
Badal said that Congress has created an unbridgeable gulf between the top and the bottom class of the society. He said that it was a real shame that after almost 60 years of Congress Rule, 65 percent population of the country is below poverty line. He said that millions sleep hungry in this country while tons of food was decaying the government godowns because of UPA government.
Akali President further said that the NDA government does score better than the UPA on inflation and management of the current account. He said that UPA-1 government just cashed the momentum built by the NDA government, whereas, UPA-2 was total failure. He said that whatever growth was achieved through production and services by the hardworking country during last decade has gone in the coffers of Corrupt Nehru-Gandhi family and its coterie.
Later addressing the press conference, Badal said that the real manifesto of Congress party was to multiply the loot of national resources to more than 10 times it did during last decade.
Lauding the role played by Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa in the battles fought to safeguard interests of Punjab,Badal said that these were the senior leaders like Dhindsa who did sacrifices to strengthen the Shiromani Akali Dal’s struggle against anti Punjab policies of Congress party. Badal said that he and Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal were always put under pressure by Dhindsa father-son duo to get maximum development schemes for Sangrur constituency.
Appreciating the support assured by all the sections of society, Mr. Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa said that during first round of his campaign he felt that people were in hurry to put the congress on mat. He said that Congress often followed the divide and rule policy but this time people have rejected its all attempts to befool them. He said that only NDA government at centre would ensure speedy development of the Punjab.
Meanwhile, Parminder Singh Dhindsa, Balwant Singh Ramoowalia, Balbir Singh Ghunas, Ajmer Singh Lakhowal, Gobind Singh Longowal and Punjabi folk singer Parminder Singh Pammi Bai also throw light on the conspiracies and misdeeds of Congress party. They promised Badal that party was all set to win this seat by record margin.