Rahul Gandhi complete misfit for PM post: Badal

Bathinda/February 6
Terming Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi as complete misfit for the post of India’s PM, Punjab chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal on thursday said that Rahul Gandhi was not even aware of the basics of Agriculture and village life of the country.
“In a country like India where nearly 60 percent of population resides in the villages could not be run by a person who was not acquainted to the problems faced by the people residing in them,” Badal said, adding that it is like a Doctor treating the patients without knowing their problem.
Badal said that the young scion of Nehru Gandhi family was not only an inexperienced leader and politically naive but he is also ignorant about the basic topography of the nation due to which it would be disastrous for the country if he was selected for the coveted post of Prime Minister of the nation.
Batting strongly for making Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India, the Chief Minister said that only a visionary, strong and experienced leader like him could take the country ahead on the path of prosperity and inclusive growth. “In today’s crucial scenario when the social maladies like unemployment, corruption, poverty, starvation and others are ruling the roost in the country, Modi is the only ray of hope for the countrymen to march forward for making India a prosperous and progressive nation,” Badal said while bemoaning the fact that despite of more than 65 years of Independence the country has not been able to shed the tag of underdeveloped nation due to the ill conceived policies of the successive Congress led governments at the centre.
He urged the people to elect the Gujarat Chief Minister for the coveted post of Prime Minister and said that the time has come when the country must elect a decisive leadership so that an era of unprecedented development could be witnessed in the nation.
Coming down heavily of the Congress party for meting out step motherly treatment to the state, the Chief Minister said that instead of rewarding the hard working and resilient Punjabis for their immense contribution in making the country self reliant in food production and safeguarding its borders, the successive Congress governments had adopted a discriminatory posture towards the state.
“None of the Punjabi could ever forget that the Congress had denied the state of its capital, legitimate share in river waters, Punjabi speaking areas besides irrelevantly meddling in its social, political, economic and even religious affairs,” the Chief Minister said. He said that due to the wrong policies of the Union government the farmers of the state, who had played a pro-active role in making our country self reliant in food production, are reeling under a whopping debt of Rs 32000 crore. Likewise, the mass exodus of industry was taking place due to denial of economic package to this border state on the pattern of those given to the neighboring hill states.
Reiterating that Union government must give ‘Royalty on water and food grains’ to the state on the pattern of the same given to other states for supplying coal and other minerals in the country, the Chief Minister said that the hard working and resilient farmers of the state had over exploited the only available natural resources of the state in terms of water and fertility of the soil to make the country self reliant in food production. However, he lamented that this immense contribution of the state’s farmers has never been recognized by the country, adding that it was the high time that the nation must repay the peasantry of the state by giving them royalty on water and food grains supplied to the country.
The Chief Minister further said that due to the stupendous efforts of the state government, Punjab is leading the country in almost every field. He said that besides promoting the ethos of communal harmony, peace and prosperity, the state government has laid special focus on the overall development of the state and prosperity of its people. Badal said that a result of the concerted efforts of the state government, Punjab was today leading the country in fields of Health care and Education.
The Chief Minister said that the state government was fully committed to ensure the welfare of all strata of the society for which path breaking initiatives in form of pro-poor welfare schemes like Atta-Dal, Mai Bhago Istri Vidya, Shagun, Bhagat Puran Singh Sehat Bima, Dr. Hargobind Khurana Scholarship scheme and others have been taken by them. He said that special focus was being laid on diversification of agriculture so as to safeguard the future of the farmers by supplementing their income. Likewise, Badal said that in order to curtail the heavy expenditure meted out on farming the Agriculture implements were being given to the farmers through Agro Service Centers on custom hiring basis, for which the state government was giving 50% subsidy to these centers.