Punjab to introduce strict laws to curb food adulteration

Muktsar/January 31
Punjab’s Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal on Friday announced to introduce a bill for awarding severest of severe punishment to the people to curb food adulteration in the state.
Badal said that the state government is fully committed to check this menace, which is a major health hazard for the residents. “The bill for making strict provisions to check adulteration of food would be presented in the coming session of the state assembly. Harsher punishment will be stipulated in this bill for all those persons indulging in such malpractices,” Badal said.
Lashing Congress led UPA government, the Chief Minister termed the recent decision of the Union government to enhance the number of subsidized LPG cylinders from nine to 12 as a ‘political stunt’.
Badal said that it was a ‘face saving’ exercise of the Congress led UPA government. Questioning the motive behind this decision, he said that there was no cap on such cylinders in the past but in an anti-people move the Union government had imposed this limit and now keeping in view the ensuing Lok Sabha polls, the UPA was trying to befool the people by increasing the subsidized cylinders. However, Badal said that the voters would not get swayed away with such tantrums of the UPA and would teach a befitting lesson to the Congress in the coming polls.
When asked to comment on the admission of Devinder Pal Bhullar’s mercy plea by the Apex Court, the Chief Minister described it as a welcome step.
The Chief Minister further said that there was hardly any need for another probe in the killings of Sikhs in 1984 as several earlier enquiries into the matter had already indicted the Congress leaders for their dubious role in the matter. He said that any further enquiry would aggravate the woes of the victims of this massacre by delaying the process of justice for another couple of years.
Badal reiterated that it was totally wrong to compare the Sikh carnage of 1984 with Ghodra riots, as the former was a planned execution of the Sikhs by the then Union government.
On another query pertaining to the resignation submitted by Uttarakhand Chief Minister on the directions of the Congress high command, the Chief Minister said that though it was an internal matter of the party but frustrated by the ‘Modi wave’ Congress leadership was sacrificing its Chief Ministers in the hope of getting votes of the people. He said that the responsibility of the debacle of the Congress in recently concluded polls in four states lies with the top leadership including Rahul Gandhi but the frustrated Congress party was making the Chief Ministers as scapegoats just to save the skin of Nehru-Gandhi scion.
Badal further said that the crystal clear verdict of the four states was in the favor of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and was against the Gandhi family. He squarely blamed the Congress party for pursuing the policy of ‘Divide and Rule and held it responsible for the black days of terrorism in the state.
On the other hand he said that the credit of putting the state on the path of resurgence goes to the SAD-BJP alliance government.
The Chief Minister said that due to the concerted efforts of the state government Punjab has today emerged as an epitome of communal harmony, peace and amity across the country.
The Chief Minister also announced that the state government would soon launch a toll free number to check the drug peddling in the state. He said that the Police authorities would launch this number on which anyone could make a call and inform the Police about the drug peddling in their area. Badal, while soliciting the support from general public, said that the drug menace could be checked only with the active cooperation of the general public and the state.