Politicians interfering in drugs probe: NSCA chief

Chandigarh/January 15
The National Scheduled Castes Alliance on Wednesday alleged that the good job done by the Punjab police in exposing the international drug racket and in arresting the kingpin Jagdish Singh alias Bhola is being wasted by politicians who are making controversial statements.
NSCA president Paramjit Singh Kainth said that politicians should not interfere in the investigation being done by the police and police should probe three Cabinet rank Akali-BJP ministers, one of which is Bikram Singh Majithia as alleged by Bhola.
“The Patiala SSP Hardyal Singh Mann and his team showed exceptional courage in catching the kingpin and exposing the drug racket worth many thousand crores,” said Paramjit Singh Kainth.
“The youth of Punjab have got addicted to drugs and the problem is deep-rooted. The main political parties including the Akali Dal and the Congress have from time to time used drugs, alcohol, opium and poppy husk to win over the support of jobless youth before and during elections in Punjab. Even NRI leaders use sports meets to distribute drugs. It is drug money that is used in kabbadi competitions to distribute expensive prizes,” said Kainth.
“A large number of political leaders of Punjab are themselves addicted to opium in particular. It is the energy from opium that keeps them going. If put through a proper test many politicians’ blood samples would be found positive. Their main supply of opium comes from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan,” said Kainth.
“When under the back-up of the Punjab DGP Sumedh Singh Saini the police succeeding the international drug racket the politicians started interfering in the police crackdown as they feared they would be exposed at some stage. Politicians have used drugs in the elections from time to time and so they have vested interests,” said Kainth. “The crackdown on the drug mafia had been launched in all districts and slowly politicians’ accomplices in drug smuggling started getting exposed. The political leaders should support the police in the crackdown launched by the state police in coordination with Central agencies,” Kainth added.