Boy alleges abduction, sexual harassment by girls in Punjab

Chandigarh/January 2
At a time when media is abuzz with news of gangrape and sexual exploitation of fairer sex, a boy of Pathankot city in Punjab alleged that some girls in Scorpio car kidnapped, sexually harassed and robbed him of mobile and cash on New Year’s eve.
As per reports, the boy reported the matter to Pathankot police on Wednesday and alleged that he was abducted by some girls in a car from Damoria Bridge and forced him to drink bear when return to his house after a movie at Lakshmi Cinema, located on Railway Road.
“I was pushed into car by a girl after which they drove off towards Pathankot and offered bear to which I refused. The girls then threatened me dire consequences as her relatives works with Punjab Police and they also tried to remove his clothes,” the boy alleged in his complaint to police, adding that the girls bit all over his face and neck.
The girls allegedly stopped the vehicle at secluded place near Pathankot and sexually assaulted him and robbed him of Rs 250 and his mobile phone. The boy, however, managed to escape after seeing an incoming vehicles, said a police official, adding that the boy never returned to file complaint when they had asked him to bring Identity proof.