Badal urges political parties to not compare 84 anti-Sikh riots & Godhra riots

Malout/January 30
Punjab’s Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal on Thursday urged the political parties not to compare 1984 anti-Sikh riots & Godhra riots as there is not any parallel between killing of innocent Sikhs in 1984 and the Ghodra riots in Gujarat.
Interacting with the media persons on the sidelines of Sangat Darshan program of Malout assembly segment here today, the Chief Minister said that the unfortunate incident that happened in Ghodra city of Gujarat were riots whereas the killings in 1984 was a carnage of the Sikhs undertaken at the behest of then Congress government at the centre. He said that the riots are always a result of clash between two communities whereas what happened in 1984 was a planned execution of Sikhs as the then Union government had used all its might to kill the Sikhs by especially targeting them.
Badal said that the Centre government had deliberately allowed the killings of Sikhs to take place by becoming a mute spectator to this dastardly act. The Chief Minister further said that due to the inaction of the Union government and the Police, the mob led by the Congress leaders had killed the innocent Sikhs in full public view.
He said that even several enquiries conducted for probing the 1984 carnage have time and again indicted the Congress leaders for their dubious role behind the massacre of the innocent Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of the country. However, Badal bemoaned that despite of several proofs the culprits of this heinous crime were still roaming free and instead of taking any action against them the Congress party has been rewarding them with the coveted posts. Replying to another query, the Chief Minister, while expressing concern over the killings of the Punjabi youth in various foreign countries like Philippines, said that the Union government must take steps to safeguard the life and property of Punjabi youth settled abroad. He said that it was the bounden duty of the Centre to protect the lives of countrymen residing in any part of the world.
Earlier addressing the gatherings during the Sangat Darshan in various wards of the city, the Chief Minister categorically said that he was committed for ensuring the welfare of the residents of the state at any cost. Badal said that there was no question of joining the national politics and he would continue to serve the residents of state in the future also. The Chief Minister said that he was fully satisfied while serving the people of state and do not have any desire to move to centre even to assume any bigger responsibility.