Badal terms alleged collusion of SAS in Operation Bluestar as unfortunate

Chandigarh/January 15
Punjab’s Chief Minister prakash Singh Badal said that it was unfortunate that the British Army helped the Indian Government led by the Congress party under the Prime Minister ship of Indira Gandhi launched a major military offensive against the innocent people in terms of ‘Operation Blue Star’ in 1984.
Badal assailed the Congress for this barbaric attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib which not only hurt the sentiments of Sikhs but also exposed the Congress stooping too low to shatter the ethos of humanity.
“The startling revelation regarding Operation Bluestar has once again exposed the anti-Sikh stance of the Congress party,” Badal said, adding that this action has inflicted a deep wound on the Sikh psyche, which has left its imprint forever and this act was highly condemnable and the Punjabis in general and the Sikhs in particular could never forgive the Congress for this act.