10 MPs, MLAs still to clear pending dues of Himachal Tourism deptt

Shimla/January 9
10 MPs, MLAs including Congress party leaders Mani Shankar Aiyar, Pratibha Singh, GS Bali, Chander Kumar, BJP leaders Shanta Kumar, Rajan Sushant, Bimla Kashyap, Suresh Bhardwaj haven’t yet cleared of Himachal Tourism Corporation after availing boarding and lodging facilities.
The information was revealed through an RTI query filed by Delhi based activist Debasish Bhatttacharya.
As per the information provided by HPDTC, some of MP/MLAs haven’t cleared their pending dues from the last 15-20 years and some of them cleared their dues after a gap 10-22 years later after they availed boarding and lodging facilities at its guesthouses and hotels.

Following are the names of MP/MLAs who are yet to clear dues along with year:-

Name of MP/MLA Amount due Since then Facilities provided

Sh Kuldeep Kumar, MLA 11,846 2013 Boarding/Lodging
Sh G S Bali, MLA 36,403 2006 Boarding/Lodging
Sh Mani Shankar Ayyar, MP 11,6031 1995 Boarding/Lodging
Sh Shanta Kumar, MP 4,800 2008 Boarding/Lodging
Sh Rajan Sushant, MP 53,200 2009 Boarding/Lodging
Smt Pratibha Singh, MP 11,250 2005 Boarding/Lodging
Sh Chander Kumar, MP 30,150 2005 Boarding/Lodging
Sh Suresh Bhardwaj, MP 6,230 2003 Boarding/Lodging
Smt Bimia Kashyap, MP 57,056 2010-11 Boarding/Lodging
Late Sh Sat Mahajan, MP 7,286 1996 Boarding/Lodging