Doctor arrested for wrongly declaring 'alive' patient dead

Mumbai/December 13
A Mumbai based doctor was arrested for allegedly declaring a cancer patient dead and took him off ventilator who after sometime moved his fingers.
As per reports, Chanderkant Gangurde was brought to Atharva Hospital and Research Centre after he suffered paralytic stroke on December 5 and he was undergoing treatment at the hospital since then. However, on Tuesday Chanderkant, the cancer surgeon Dr Atul Chirmade told his son to inform his relatives that the patient is almost dead as there are no signs of movement from Chanderkant.
After doctor’s report, Chanderkant was took off from ventilator and was pronounced dead but after sometime, he showed signs of life and moved his fingers. “Finding his father alive, his son filed a complaint with the police after which the doctor was arrested but was later granted bail,” said the police, adding that Atul told them that he had removed the patient from life support system after his son agreed to it and completed all the formalities.