Chinese army capture five Indians in Chumar sector at Leh

However, they were handed over to Indian authorities by Chinese Army after concerted efforts by Indian Army.
New Delhi/December 15
Five Indian nationals were reportedly captured by Chinese army from Chumar area in Leh region from Indian territory and were taken to Chinese side, however, they were handed over to Indian authorities after concerted efforts.
As per reports, five Indian nationals were captured by China’s People’s Liberation Army along with their cattle from inside Indian territory in Chumar area and they were taken to Chinese camp across the border.
Army sources said that Chinese army let the five people go after Indian army sought a flag meeting and threaten them to raise the issue at higher level. Sources said that Chinese army have transgressed over to Indian side around 200 times and they even took away the CCTV cameras that were installed by Indian army on its posts to monitor the activities of Chinese army.