Three US women kept hostage for 10 years, rescued

Ohio/May 8
In a shocking incident, three US women were kept hostage by three brothers at their Cleveland, Ohio residence for more than 10 years
The trio, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were found tied with chains and ropes in the trio’s house in Seymour Avenue in Cleveland. Cleveland Police rescued the girls after one of the victim Berry managed to escape from the house with the help of the accused’s neighbour.
“Amanda Berry (27), Gina DeJesus (13) and Michelle Knight (32) were rescued on Monday night along Amanda’s six-year-old daughter Jocelyn that was born during her captivity,” said the police, adding that they have arrested the three brothers for kidnapping and keeping the women hostage for 10 years.
The three brothers Ariel Castro (52), Pedro Castro (54) and Onil Castro (54) have kept the women in the basement of the house and they were taken outside the basement very rarely. The police authorities are still baffled as how anyone didn’t noticed them for all these years.
However, police authorities reportedly said that the women were in good physical condition at the time of rescue and they assume that the victims might have been allowed to go outside once in a while.
Amanda, Gina and Michele had gone missing 10 years ago in separate incidents and they have been re-united with their families after a decade.
Amanda Berry had gone missing after work at a fast food restaurant in April 21, 2003 at the age 17 while Gina was 14-year-old when she had disappeared on April 2, 2004 while she was returning to her house from school. Michele was 20-year-old when she was abducted on August 23, 2002 from outside her cousin’s house.