Syrian rebel bites the heart of a dead government soldier

New Delhi/May 17
In horrific incident in the ongoing civil war in Syria, a Syrian rebel took a bite on the heart of a dead soldier after mutilating his body. What is more shocking is that the rebel commander Abu Sakkar alias Khalid al-Hamad, in an interview, doesn’t regret the incident and even has reasons to justify his inhuman act.
The whole act of Sakkar cutting open the chest of a dead soldier and then taking a bite into a body organ that was torn from the body, was captured on a mobile and was later uploaded online.
Sakkar, a rebel commander with the Homs-based Farouk Brigades, said that he performed the horrific act after he saw a video in dead soldier’s mobile phone in which he had allegedly humiliated a woman and her two daughters after forcing them to remove their clothes.
Sakkar further claimed that Syrian troops led by Bashar al-Asad are also using video clips of torture of rebels to deter them from fighting. “But after seeing this video, they will not dare venture into area where Sakkar is,” said Abu Sakkar.
Sakkar added that it was government troops that started the violence to suppress the peaceful protests that started two years ago in Syria and he is just following the rule, ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’
Meanwhile, Syria’s largest rebel group, the Free Syrian Army has said that they punish the man who had cut out and ate the body organs of a dead government soldier.