Punjab’s Horticulture deptt offers 50 percent on plastic crates

Chandigarh/May 30
Punjab’s Horticulture department will provide 50 percent subsidy on 1.21 lakh plastic crates that will be distributed to farmers to encourage them for crop diversification.
Punjab’s Horticulture department director Lajvinder Singh Brar said that plastic crates will be given to farmers on 50 percent subsidy at the price of Rs 123 per crate against actual price of Rs 246 per crate.
“The crates are being distributed to the farmers to provide better opportunities in the field of marketing of fruits, flowers and vegetables,” Brar said while emphasizing on the need to make a shift from the traditional crop cycle to the horticulture farming in the state to bring new revolution in the field of farming.
Further, the plastic crates are very useful in maintaining quality of fruits, vegetables and flowers and there is no wastage and the farmers get good price in reward by proper presentation and marketing.
“These plastic crates have been sent to district and block offices for distribution to the farmers as per the area covered under horticulture farming,” Brar said, adding that strict instructions have been issued to the officers that crates should be distributed only to farmers who are in the field of horticulture farming.
“Despite of this service being first come first serve basis but if the demand is more than the officers should decide to equally distribute the crates without any discrimination,” he added.