Punjab govt computerizes learner driving test to ensure transparency

Chandigarh/May 28
Punjab government on Wednesday announced to computerize learner driving test to ensure total transparency in the process of issuing the learner driving licenses and that too within a stipulated time frame.
Punjab’s Transport minister Ajit Singh Kohar said that the new computerization project is being launched for the current financial year 2013-14 and it will not only ensure transparency but it will ensure issuance of licences within a stipulated time frame.
“With this initiative, the usual time taken and the harassment while getting the driving license issued would be reduced to a certain extent,” Kohar said, adding that earlier, the transport department had started issuing driving licenses in the form of smart cards which was a huge hit among general public.
“Now the computerization of the entire process is another feather in the cap of Transport department and the state government had already authorized government ITIs, Polytechnics and Engineering Colleges to conduct learner driving tests before issuing the learner and then a final license,” Kohar said.
“Besides this, the original documents are returned to the applicant after keeping the scanned copies and with this, the paper work has also been reduced in issuing the driving licenses,” he added.
He further added that even developing countries like Kenya after studying the entire system of issuing the driving licenses has introduced the online system in its country.