Online payment system for govt employees starts in Punjab

Chandigarh/May 23
Punjab government successfully started online payment system to disburse salaries and other benefits to government employees and citizens of the state.
With this, Punjab has become first state in the country to computerize the entire treasury offices in the state and ensuring all Government Payments online.
Punjab’s Finance minister Parminder Singh Dhindsa said that crediting online payments was successfully running in the whole state and through this recently implemented system of online payments to various departments, authorities besides salaries of government officials/employees, Punjab has credited more than Rs. 3218 crore in a short span of one and half month.
“Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) has been monitoring the system of online payments from its inception on April 1, 2013 and Punjab has become the country’s first state to start this program,” Dhindsa said, adding that all government payments from April 1 are being deposited directly in the bank accounts of concerned departments and authorities.
The minister said more than 7 lakh people were directly benefited with this scheme and E-Payment system was implemented in all Government Offices/Departments, whose transactions were done through treasury offices. He added that Punjab government’s next mission is to set up Cyber Treasuries. “21 Treasury Offices in the state has implemented the E-payment system while besides these offices all 74 sub treasuries were running this system in the state,” he added.