Italian agencies probing Facebook over bullying posts that led to a teen’s suicide

New Delhi/May 27
Italian agencies are probing Facebook as to how it allowed posting of bullying and insulting content on a teen girl’s Facebook wall after which she committed suicide by jumping off from the third storey of her residence in January.
Carolina Picchio (14) committed suicide at her residence in northern Italy’s Novara area after some boys circulated a video on Facebook that showed her in drunk and disheveled condition in bathroom after a Party.
Italian investigating agencies are probing the role of eight minor boys in the case who are are the friends of Carolina’s ex-boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend had allegedly insulted her on Facebook when she broke off with him.
The minor boy had reportedly apologized to her but she committed suicide few days later. Before committing suicide, Carolina wrote on Facebook, “Forgive me if I am not strong. But I can’t take it any longer.”
As per reports, Italian prosecutor Francesco Saluzzo is probing as to how Facebook allowed minor children to open an account as Italian law forbids any citizen under 18 years of age to enter into contract regarding their privacy. Even, the Facebook staff who failed to respond to the requests of Carolina friends regarding the removal of the obscene video that had stayed online for days after the requests were made, are being investigated.
The Italian Parents’ Association had also filed a criminal complaint against Facebook in the case for allegedly having a role in the suicide of Carolina.
Earlier in 2012, a 15-year-old schoolboy had committed suicide in Rome after some boys taunted him as a homosexual on Facebook.