Israeli planes carryout air strike on military facility in Syria

Syria terms the attack as ‘declaration of war’
New Delhi/May 5
Israeli fighter planes on Sunday morning carried out an air strike on Syrian military research center near Damascus, leading to tensions in Arab world with Iran giving a call to the region’s countries to unite against Israel.
Syrian Deputy Foreign minister Faisal Al Mekdad termed the Israeli air strike as declaration of war and said that the attack shows collusion between Islamic rebels that are at war with Syrian government and Israel.
Meanwhile, western intelligence agencies says that Israel had carried the air strike to target Iranian missiles at Jamraya suburb near Damascus that were being supplied to Lebanon and these missiles could be used Hezbollah in its operations against Israel.
Israeli official, reportedly, refused to comment on the attack, though, an Israeli embassy official said that Israel will continue to prevent the transfer of chemical weapons or other game-changing weaponry by the Syrian regime to terrorists, specially to Hezbollah in Lebanon.
However, Iranian official in Tehran had denied that the attack was aimed missiles meant for Lebanon’s Hezbollah.
Earlier in January, Israeli fighter planes, reportedly, fired on a Syrian weapons envoy that was believed to carrying SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles, however, on that occasion Israeli planes remained outside Syrian airspace.
On the other hand, Syrian rebels after months of fighting with Assad led regime’s forces today occupied Mannagh air base in Northern Syria near the Turkey border. The rebels have reportedly captured the tank unit inside the airbase and have killed its Brigadier General Ali Salim Mahmoud.