Indian govt bans Comedy Central Channel for obscene content

New Delhi/May 26
Indian government on Saturday banned Comedy Central Channel for 10 days for airing obscene content that denigrates women.
The ban will come into from Saturday and the channel will not be aired on any platform for the next 10 days.
Comedy Central channel shows Presents and Popcorn that were telecasted in July and August last year had reportedly violated the programming code of the Cable Television Networks Regulation Act, 1995.
As per reports, these programs had showed a man performed stand-up comedy with suggestive gestures which offends good taste or decency and the standup was obscene and denigrates women.
Comedy Central Channel authorities, reportedly, apologised for the error and promised not to repeat such content but in August 2012, it aired another episode that is based on pranks being played in public for amusement of onlookers in which a person was indulging in sexual activity with dummy legs.
The I&B Ministry held in its report that the visuals violated several programming code provisions and issued a second show-cause notice to the channel. this time too the channel again apologized saying it was an operational mishap as it caters to audience of other countries than India. However, an inter-ministerial committee mandated to look at violations of programming code, found it offensive and recommended a ban on transmission for 10 days.