India to offer opportunities to foreign film producers in the country

Cannes, France/May 21
Indian government will offer opportunities to foreign film produces as the country has all the infrastructure needed for film making that makes it complete film making destination.
Indian Tourism minister K Chiranjeevi while speaking at the Cannes International Film Festival at Cannes, France said that Indian government is trying constantly for creating new opportunities for the International Filmmakers to access diverse Indian locations and state of the art production and post-production facilities.
“India offers a range of locations from magnificent Himalayas to sprawling beaches, from vast deserts to placid lakes and back waters, from legendary Forts to world heritage sites,” Chiranjeevi said, adding that India represents immense vibrancy and enthusiasm waiting to be captured on global cinema screens.
Chiranjeevi further said India is a land of dreams and ideas and there are many films, many musical numbers that have been conceived and shot in India.
The Tourism minister said that the Oscar winning film Life of Pi is the latest example and India has single window clearance system to facilitate film shooting and film making in India.
“We are also working in tandem with Indian Information and Broadcasting ministry in simplifying the procedures and fast tracking multiple clearances that are required for shooting. Our endeavor is to offer the film makers best of the facilities. I take this opportunity to invite every director, every producer and every actor to India. I promise, you will find the location and facility what you are seeking in our beautiful country,” Chiranjeevi added.
Chiranjeevi also referred to the Indo-French co-production film ‘The Lunch Box’ which is being screened in Cannes 2013 as part of the Critics’ week and expressed the hope that many foreign film makers will come forward for joint film production with their counterparts in India.
Chiranjeevi also had detailed discussion with French Culture minister Aureli Fillipeti, President of Cannes Film Festival Gilles Jacob and Aung Li. the Director of Life of Pi film.