India becomes second largest producer of fruits and vegetables

Country records 12 percent growth in the exports of agricultural products
New Delhi/May 8
India has become second largest producer of fruits and vegetables while the country ranks third in terms of food grain production in the world. As per the UN’s Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO) report, “India produced 76424.2 thousand tonne of fruits, 156325.5 thousand tonne of vegetables and 388269.2 thousand tonne of foodgrains during 2011.”

Meanwhile, China remains the top producer in terms of fruits, vegetables and food grains production in the world.
The exports of agriculture and allied products have also increased by 12 percent in India to 33.54 billion dollar in 2012-13 as compared with 29.8 billion dollar in 2011-12, India’s minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing Industries Tariq Anwar informed Rajya Sabha today.

Anwar said that commodities prices are a function of production and demand and do not follow a linear path.
“Agricultural commodities too show this attribute and fluctuate over time and commodity. Currently, International prices of wheat, rice and maize are higher as compared to last year while prices of commodities such as cotton, edible oils and sugar are lower,” Tariq Anwar added.