HPU to hold seminar on Child Sexual abuse

Shimla/May 9

Himachal university’s Centre for women’s studies and development is going to organize a seminar-cum-colloquium on Child Sexual abuse – Resiliency and Prevention” on May 11, Director of the Centre Prof. Mamta Mokta disclosed this here today.
Mokta further said that the seminar will provide a platform for interaction of ideas and flow of information among academicians, judiciary, Administration, Medical Officer, Police Officials, Media persons and NGO’s in order to understand, discuss and resolve emerging challenges relating top Child sexual abuse.
Mokta highlighted that in the Traditional society, child sexual abuse was unheard, however this is not the case today and the society has been invited with all sorts of challenges. These challenges include broken families, unemployment, overcrowd, pornography, poverty, drugs and alcohol abuse, conflicts, civil strife and exploitation of information technology. Experts believe many cases of child sexual abuse go undisclosed. When a child does disclose that they are experiencing sexual abuse, society’s discomfort with sexuality can lead to an inadequate or ineffective response from adults, she added.
She further suggested that the education and training can help prevent sexual abuse and aid recovery, though child sexual abuse is a grave violation of a young person’s rights and brings the risk of many adverse health conditions, recovery and healthy adult life are possible.